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Available Courses

C Programming

99 Hours

In the C Programming course you will learn:

Basics - This section covers all the fundamentals of C programming language like, Operators, Data Types, Control Flow statements, Arrays.

Advanced - This section covers Text processing, Functions, Storage classes, Recursion, Pointers, Structures and Unions and Files.



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Java Programming

99 Hours

In the Java Programmer course you will learn:

Java - This section covers all the fundamentals of Java programming language.

Advanced Java - This section covers multi-threading, IO and other features in Java.

Java Certification - This section provides good amount of practice required for Oracle Java Certification.


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Selenium 2.0

60 Hours

In the Test Automation Programmer for Cloud/Web Applications course you will learn:

Selenium 2.0 - This section teaches how to write Automated Test Code using Selenium WebDriver in Java.

Advanced Selenium 2.0 for Cloud/Web Applications - This section covers Cookie/Session handling and how to write test code for Cloud/Web applications.


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BigData + Hadoop

99 Hours

In the Hadoop + BigData Programmer course you will learn:

Introduction to BigData and Hadoop - This section introduces the various concepts of BigData and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

MapReduce - This section teaches how to write MapReduce code in Java.

Pig and Hive - This section teaches how to work with Pig and Hive.


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Product Details

Programming is like any other practical skill, where one has to have hands-on experience to acquire the skill.

CodeTantra's unique intelligent interactive learning platform guarantees that the learner will be able to write code on completion of the learning program. The platform handholds the student by teaching one simple concept at a time, followed by numerous drilling exercises till the concept is transformed into a skill.

The platform's automated learn-code-and-learn technique builds confidence and by continuous and incremental application of concepts.

The salient features of the platform are:

  • Encourages Active Learning
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Intelligent Live Feedback
  • Extensive Practical Labs
  • Instant Contextual Help


The best teaching practices recommended by Bloom's Taxonomy have been employed in building this unique Learning-by-Doing platform.

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Platform & Technology

The platform has an advanced Runtime Code Analysis Engine that helps the learners to instantaneously detect and resolve runtime errors which otherwise require human intervention.

The most common programming errors that beginners encounter like Infinite Loops, NullPointerExceptions, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExeptions etc., scare them and usually end up becoming demotivating road blocks for learning unless they receive timely external help.

This is precisely where the Advanced Runtime Code Analysis Engine that is built into the platform helps most. It not only detects such problems, but also identifies the erroneous code and suggests fixes.

Awards & Recognitions

CodeTantra was awarded as Hyderabad's Top 10 Hot Startups by HYSEA, in the year 2016.

NASSCOM has selected CodeTantra as India's one of the top 140+ Most Innovative Product companies at NPC (National Product Conclave) in Bengaluru, 2016.